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Been burnt out on GW2 lately, and FFXIV had a free trial.. one thing led to another and here we are.

I played the game at launch, and have been very critical of it ever since. I was very surprised to find that I absolutely adore the changes that have been made, and I am probably getting the game as soon as my wallet allows. 

Can’t remember how to draw, but here, have my Engineer Mack, and a random charr baby because reasons.

Quick sketch before heading out today, heavily referenced (wanted to get her features across, alas, many references were used)

This is Mack! My GW2 engineer <3


Introducing Chloe De Vine, the new menace in Divinity’s Reach!

I’m having quite a blast playing her, always been fond of playing bitchy, overly vain characters xD


Faervon(to the left, owned by my friend) and Araelya(right, mine) being cute butts. 

Drawing on my new giant screen is so odd xD

Blogs ~


I’m starting to get a lot of followers on two of my blogs, and I figured I’d just make an official post, since hey, maybe some people who follow me here may want to see my art on my art blog? Or maybe people on my art blog is interested in the references I post here!

Or maybe people want to follow my newly created gaming blog. 

Inspiration/Reference Tumblr

Name kinda explains itself. It’s pretty much where I reblog everything I find useful for art or writing, along with silly things that doesn’t fit my other two blogs. After this I’m most likely turning off asks on this one, and I’ll post even less personal rambles! If that’s even possible. 

Art Tumblr 

This is my personal/art blog. Come ask me anything or look at my art, or art I just had to reblog! 

Gaming Tumblr

I’m going to start playing GW2 again, and with my new computer coming in soon there are a LOT of games I need to catch up on, so this is where I’ll shove all my gushing so it doesn’t spam followers that simply.. don’t care. I may do some RP related stuff here too. 

(as for Guild Wars 2, for those that may care, I just finalized my move from Tarnished Coast to Piken Square, it appears everyone I had hoped to get in contact with on TC have either quit the game, or I have been removed as their friendlist/I’ve forgotten their handle xD what I get for being gone for a year eh? This new start is gonna be awesome though!)

Reblogging from other blog ~

Just an old sketch I decided to throw some color on. I love these two, best sibling pair in the world yeees <3

Reggie used to get bullied a lot as a child, and of course his tiny sister came to his rescue with her heavy leatherbound books. >:I NO TOUCHY HER BROTHER

Another commission of Faolan! This.. this one started out as a silly sketch that I was later paid to finish x’D



redesign of my dapper elf, Tarik, he’s come into a bit of money in RP lately so he’s had a bit of a wardrobe upgrade :’D